Anthony's 153 Shoe Repair

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Anthony’s Shoe Repair, a family business, has been serving their community for over 30 years.

Customer service and the quality of its craft is what differentiates Anthony’s Shoe Repair from the rest. A craft not practiced by much anymore, Anthony’s Shoe Repair continues to modernize its methods while keeping the traditional roots of cobblery.

Teodoro Morocho was born learning the craft of cobblery and has made it his mission to continue his father’s legacy.

 His dedication and eagerness to share his craft since he arrived to New York is why Anthony’s Shoe Repair is one of the oldest and most respected businesses in the community.

Fix shoes near me: Please call or stop by for any of our services, products or questions you might have. We appreciate a challenge and are confident we can fix any restorations needed.

Anthony's 153 Shoe Repair

We are a family business the shoe repair whose primary objective is to provide quality services to our clients while at the same time meet the expectations of the current market.

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