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The winter season is beginning in New York and many people have their UGG cold boots abandoned full of dirt, salt and water. Many think that it cannot be repaired and at Antonys Shoe Repair, we clean inside and out and give new life to your cold boots.

These UGG boots are special for the harsh New York City winter. Our specialized team of shoemakers and shoe shiners puts at your disposal the deep cleaning and repair of winter boots.

How to clean UGG boots

Ugg boots are warm, comfortable, and great support in tough seasons. However, since they are made from sheepskin suede and lined with wool, care must be taken when cleaning.

Some tools and special cleaning products are needed (for example, brushes for suede and special cleaning products), it is always advisable to take them to specialized shoe stores for cleaning. Cleaning work requires removing dirt and dust from the boots.

Ugg boots are always our favorite footwear in bad weather. If we don’t know how to clean them, keeping them in their new state for a long time can be a problem because the skin is not as clean as synthetic fibers.

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We repair while you wait

Ugg boots are usually an investment because they can keep our feet warm for several seasons. Clean the Ugg boots. A small investment, but always worth it in the end, because our boots look just like the first day.

Clean oil stains on Ugg boots.

Perhaps the scariest of all possible stains are grease stains, because these stains are almost impossible to clean. The first thing we must be clear about is that these types of stains must be cleaned as soon as possible to prevent grease from embedding in the fabric.

A remedy as effective as a spell is to apply chalk to the stain. More or less after these hours, we can clean the area with warm water and soap. Remove the remaining chalk.

Things we should never do at a UGG boot cleanIf you want to put your boots in a washing machine, dryer or similar device … don’t do it! With this, you will only destroy the fabric.

Tips for keeping UGG boots looking new

Tip 1: Let Ugg boots dry, never store them wet.

Tip 2: Wash the two boots together so that there is no color difference and if possible dry cleanTip

3: Immerse, after each cleaning. Spray boots with UGG Boot Waterproofing Kit then leave outdoors or in a well-ventilated room

Products for renovation and restoration of shoes and boots

Water protector for boots

water protector for boots and shoes

Shoe restorer

shoe restorer

Shoe color renovator

shoe color renovator

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