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Shoe repair near me New York

Shoe repair near me

There is nothing more comforting when we do a google search for shoe repairs close to me than to present us with a company of quality, warmth and professionalism in the shoe repair industry.

In New York there are a wide variety of companies dedicated to shoe repair nyc, however today from our professional field of shoe repair and cleaning in grand central we make these recommendations:

Customer care:

From the phone call, the WhatsApp chat or the visit to a shoe repair and cleaning establishment, the treatment you receive as a customer is important. The service must be comprehensive from the smile to the materials used in the repair of their shoes.

Fair price:

As it is a service that is provided to the community, we must evaluate the price before making a decision, the question to be asked is am I paying the real value because my shoes are as I wish or am I only paying for a momentary repair. Our company respects the prices in the established market beyond we always do more than what we are contracted for when it comes to shoe repair and shiny nyc shoes.

If you are looking for shiny nyc shoes

We look forward to making your shoes more than new from repair to deep cleaning highlighting every detail of your shoes. Your shiny NYC shoes is possible to the wide variety of creams that we use. Many know us as the leather spa and clean shoes.

It’s great to google shoe repairs close to me

And, that you find us Anthony Shoe Repair

We specialize in men’s and women’s shoe repair in NYC, providing quality service at competitive prices.

Our great strength that makes us distinguish ourselves among the companies that provide a large central shoe repair service is in the use of resistant materials, professional equipment in comprehensive shoe repair, trained personnel with years of experience in shoe cleaning and repair and on all the love and cordiality to the customer.

Another of our featured services is: key duplication in new york

A great number of years providing the key duplication service in new york, allowing you to have your key ready in a short time, from the smallest to the most complex, we duplicate nyc keys with total transparency, speed and professionalism.

Always with exclusive offers in shoe repairs close to me

Louis Vuitton shoe repair

Repair of sports shoes

Repair of leather shoes

Shoe cleaning for Men and Women

Repair of sandals

Shoe repair benefits near me

  • Quick delivery of footwear
  • The repair includes free cleaning included
  • Use of resistant materials in quality shoe repair
  • Excellent customer service, friendliness and commitment

Shoe repair and maintenance NYC

Every year we repair hundreds of shoes in New York, where we change tops, soles and surfaces, repairing a wide variety of models ranging from sports shoes to dress shoes.

The guarantee that we provide in shoe repair is based on the use of resistant materials with which we work.

How we renew your shoes

Giving life to those shoes that you love so much is possible, seeing them new again, yes, renew the color, the surface, the soles and you will see a change that will bring a lot of happiness and also economy.

Shoe cleaning first:

At this stage we leave the shoe as new before undergoing a deep renovation, be it changing caps, soles, leather or synthetic material.

Second comprehensive shoe repair:

This procedure is the most complex that we perform at Anthony Shoe Repair from the evaluation of the color of the shoe and the materials to be used to leave it as new. You will have the guarantee of a professional service performed by shoemakers with many years of experience performing all types of shoe repair procedures in New York.

Professional advice when repairing your footwear:

Our team of professional shoemakers in New York is pleased to provide you with professional advice before beginning the repair of your shoes, this allows you to clearly know the whole process that we are going to carry out in terms of the comprehensive repair of your shoes in New York.

The maintenance and care of your shoes is very important:

Once you have purchased the shoe repair service in New York, we help you with information on quality products for the care and maintenance of your shoes, we always provide ethical recommendations, that way you will always be a happy customer.

At the customer’s disposal products and services for the rejuvenation of their shoes:

The variety of products and brands with which we work we put at your disposal to achieve brilliant finishes in your shoes, resistance, strengths and above all, guarantees in the services we provide.

 How to get to Anthony Shoe Repair in New York by Bus or foot?

 Our address: 153rd E 43rd Street, New York, NY

How do I contact Anthony Shoe Repair in New York?

You can write or call us at: +1 (212) 682-4414

Always attentive to serve you in NYC shoe repair.

Learn what our customers say about Shoe Repair near me

Friendly, professional smile, prompt service and reasonable price for the area. I will use these commercial services again. Good work Anthony!

Very good and all the shoe shine.

Nice little shop with show repair and spray chairs for shoe shine.

I really like the shine of the shoes. The people who did it took the time to massage the leather and deeply nourish it. The shine was exceptional.

The store is also located about 200 feet from Grand Central.

Big glow on 43rd right 3rd Ave

Excellent place to shine shoes; very through Best of the area!

The best shoe repairmen in town! They get to know you personally and that allows them to fully understand what you want to achieve.

They are fast, the prices are cheap and they provide a quality service, keep repairing shoes that new york needs them.

Shoe repairs close to me

Do you need to repair your shoes? The heel or sole is damaged, don’t you want to buy a new pair of shoes?

Where can I find the best shoe repair in my area, an Ugg boot repair shop near me, or a shoemaker near me?

If you are looking for the closest shoe repair shop in New York, you have come to the right place.

It is often difficult to find a place to repair your shoes

Especially when moving to a new city like New York. Many shoemakers don’t advertise their services, you have to go through word of mouth to find them. Fortunately,

Find the nearest shoe repair shop in NYC

Whether you are looking for a shoe repairs close to me,

A boot repair shop near me,

A shoemaker near me or a shoemaker near me,

Finding a prestigious first-class shoemaker in New York is possible thanks to Google.

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