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Shoe Repair For Men

Shoe repair for men

Our ecosystem is accumulating waste that is not very easy to biodegrade, therefore, recycling and repairing is the trend of the moment

Our planet is demanding that we reuse not only furniture, but also clothing and accessories. If you dare to repair your shoes, here are some practical tips to reuse them as good as new.

Shoe washing

Depending on the material of your shoes, you can remove dirt with different techniques.

When it comes to tennis or sports shoes, a little baking soda will remove bad odors from your textile shoes

You only need to pour about 100 grams of baking soda in each shoe and the next day, with water and neutral soap, brush them removing impurities and bad odors. Do not forget to dry them in open spaces, in the air and on a warm day.

To remove dirt on the soles of your shoes, you can apply a little toothpaste and brush the sole as you brush your teeth. We assure you that the soles will look as good as new.

Another simple technique is to remove stains with nail polish remover, wet a cotton ball, rub it on your shoes, you will immediately notice the difference.

Shoe Restoration

Before starting to restore a pair of shoes, you must remove dirt and dust, either with soap and water if it is textile or with a dry cloth if it is leather footwear.

With an atomizer, you can spray purified water on the shoe leather. Now, with the help of a brush and in circular movements, apply “pumpkin soap” both on the surface and on the inside of your shoes.

Remove the foam with a piece of dry cloth, this is the moment to moisturize the leather of your shoes. 

Finish the renovation by applying a bit of petroleum jelly on the leather, and you will not only restore its shine, but you will also be lubricating the leather, which restores its original appearance.

The wax, on the textile of your footwear, offers you a renewal of the brightness and the original color. You only need to wash your textile footwear with plenty of water and neutral soap, and then give a wax patina.

The heat of a hair dryer is the final step to activate the action of the wax, this technique will leave them as good as new.

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Shoe cleaning

Remember to store your toothbrushes in disuse, they will be useful to remove dust from the soles of your shoes.

 For the cleaning of shoes made of nu buck, there are greasing products in spray, distributed online and in department stores, guaranteeing the care of this type of leather for shoes.

You can clean your shoes with a simple homemade dilution of vinegar or acetic acid in water, apply it on your shoes with a piece of cloth dampened with the mixture, then remove the solution with a dry towel.

Shoe polish, vinegar, petroleum jelly, neutral soap, pumpkin soap, pieces of cloth, brushes, and toothpaste are easy to acquire and useful homemade materials to keep your shoes looking like new.

Remember to always clean and renew your shoes, making circular movements when applying soaps, petroleum jelly, even when brushing your shoes or removing moisture with pieces of cloth.

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